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If the option is repair, we are happy to advise you on the cost and the time it will take to repair (if feasible to do so). If repair is not an option we would be happy to advise you on a suitable replacement.

Just call us on 01256 811127, or email  at info@emsbltd.co.uk for any questions about medical equipment service schedules and repair.

There are several options open to you:

Return to the manufacturer.



From time to time all types of equipment can fall into disrepair. Ensuring it is regularly checked is important, but there are occasions when there is an immediate problem that needs to be resolved.

We can give you an independent unbiased evaluation of your medical equipment and advice on the best course of action. It's not always possible to repair medical equipment, sometimes a new replacement is the best option.

Once we have tested and calibrated all your medical equipment, all items that have passed receive a pass certificate.

At the end of each visit, the engineer presents you with a set of certificates confirming the test results. The certificates are evidence of meeting CQC contract requirements concerning diagnostic equipment inspection, maintenance and calibration.


Checks Performed

 Perform a detailed examination externally

 Complete the required Performance Inspection Procedure (PIP)

 Check  the calibration  of the unit

 General cleaning of the unit

 Issue an electronic  work sheet / status report on each product