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1. In the event of a breakdown Electro Medical Services Ltd reserve the right to decide whether to repair the instrument on-site or at our Basingstoke Service Centre.

2. Electro Medical Services Ltd will not pay for carriers used by the customer.  An equipment collection service is available upon request.  Please contact Electro Medical Services Ltd.

3. Maintenance plans do not cover a customer’s request for product modifications.  Appropriate arrangements would be made with the manufacturer for this service, to which a charge would be applied.

4. All test equipment used by our Service Engineers carries a current calibration certificate.

5. Payment for the Maintenance Contracts is to be made at the start of each planned period.

6. Any damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident or negligence will not be covered by any of the Contract Plans.

7. Where arrangements have been made between the customer and Electro Medical Services Ltd for equipment to be available for service, Electro Medical Services Ltd reserve the right to defer service of the equipment if it is not available at that pre-arranged time & location.

8. Electro Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse to clean a product that is considered contaminated by suspect fluids.

9. Auxiliary battery chargers are non-serviceable items and must carry separate comprehensive cover or be replaced at customer expense.

10. Equipment being covered by any of the above Plans must be in full working order, without defect. Faulty units will be subject to repair at the customer’s expense prior to the commencement of the contract.

11. Accessories are not covered on any of the above Plans. Customers may receive up to a 5% discount on accessories when quoting their Maintenance Plan order number at the time of placing the order.

12. Electro Medical Services Ltd reserves the right to change any specification or price without prior notice.